Saturday, November 15, 2014


From Christ’s Cross To Beyond Eternity

The Holy Throne Of God
The Lamb, Paradise Of God
The Marriage Supper Of The lamb

To All Churches In the Free World
TO All Churches In America


Not Every Man (Assembly) Who Call Me Lord, Lord Shall Enter In The Kingdom Of God, JCON.

Stated Reason For Condemnation, For It’s Much Sin

-This is a final warning, The apostate Church (false assembly) can no longer exist as it is at present, God has given it since Christ’s ascension to convert to True Christianity (righteousness, Conversion, by Christ’s Bloody Cross, Rom. 12;1, 2), yet all it has done over the two millennium given it is all the more descend into immoral anarchy, it’s day of compete deletion has come, you have been served. Apostle, 1986-2016.

WARNING, CAUTION! WARNING, CAUTION! This Building (Church) Has Been Condemned

Dear President Obama, Evacuate Us! 11/15/2014

-America is under red alert, this is what Holy Spirits have been forewarning this Apostle of for nearly thirty years, and now this dream where the entire country is pictured under a blanket of red. When I say Apostle, this isn’t just some conveniently sounding title I latched onto. I’m talking Jesus personally appearing to me, commissioning me to come, taking me by the hand and leading me through His Revelations where in a short time I’m walking in His grace, knowledge and wisdom.
-Soon unto such an overmastering desire to bury myself day and night within God’s word, righteousness, and now Holy Spirits, who I now realize have been visiting me since I was a child, possibly from my mother’s womb, are now explaining to me, with much debate from me. Justly so Holy Spirits are again clarifying, that when Christ Himself came for you, and lead you, taught you and anointed you, then were you a disciple, now are you an Apostle, justly so was there much debate.
-Then seven years later I would begin to see and comprehend things I was made aware of while visiting heaven, one of which President Obama, was, well no other way to explain it, I was mingling around in heaven. It was like a dinner party or what have you, when one approached and he said, and I quote, “He want to see you and I said, who? And he said Him,” and just as soon I found myself standing before a mountain, from which a brightness like the sun shine in all its strength emerge and spoke, and said, “Let My People Go!” (Tell My People The Truth!)
-When Holy Spirits doing a dream 2008/09, in the dream acting as a world leader, in a meeting with you, then Senator Obama, Holy Spirits described you as ”Being The One,” with you trying to persuade me how you was for the people, how to prove it, I was to watch your Itinerary.” I told my readers recently this either mean you like a type of Moses will be an alike savior of Americans or you like a Hitler, will be a type of human, or America’s genocide.
-I’ve seen the invasions, the concentration camps and evacuations, I’ve by visions, dreams and visitations to heaven, and heaven visiting me been in the midst of great westernize migrations, some with celebrities in tow, with a word of knowledge given me lately, of, EXILE. I had this dream where I and my entire family were all bunched into the doorway at seeing First Lady Obama on Dunlap Street, on our street; Dunlap Street is where I as the Apostle/Prophet I am today began, it’s where I died and had the first vision ever of great evacuations, of people running and stampeding for their lives.
-Of course it doesn’t take a genius to realize, this title Dunlap Street, actually mean done-lapsed, as in time, it was President Obama just before you arrived in Memphis to present awards to Booker T. Washington High. Then just recently as a month or so ago, first lady Obama herself, visiting St. Jude hospital was only a few feet from another part of Dunlap Street where I both lived and died.
-Now I know, I finally know where you President Obama fit into all of this, you’re the One American President who will be in office when the describable greatest, most liberated, most God inspired nation on this planet since Israel itself will be mightily and horribly brought to its end.
-A Catastrophe on the earth, a word of knowledge I received lately, one beginning with an eruption of Yellowstone Park’s Super-Volcano or something else just as cataclysmic, like sunspot 1967, it could even be the judgment of, by fire I witnessed just recently targeting, as to judge especially Americans. This is why Yellowstone potential to bring about Mega Disasters is a perfect example of God's seething to wrath purpose to act out upon the rebellious. Not realizing it until now, this will be the fulfillment of the Death Rider I saw, when I witnessed the earth just open up and this bringer of death most victorious was being released out of it, riding against the Cross.
-Did I as well witness it riding against a backward running clock of a 60th year, as so riding against what the Holy Spirit described as abominable, detestable lives, lands and churches because they’d forsaken God.” This will explain the dreams of Ex. Pres. Clinton and the country captured into a family outing, Mayday, playground scene, meaning false, fake hope (for when they shall say peace and safety and sudden destruction cometh upon them like travail upon woman with child and they shall not escape!).
-Then there was you instead calling me for advice, and soon the dream of you again calling me, this end time Apostle/Prophet for advice, see Jer. 37, 38th chapters. America is about to be blown to pieces, millions upon millions of people are going to die, seeming like the Roman Empire America had her beginning for God’s appointed time but now, not just for biblical prophecy fulfillment, but because of abominable transgressions it must more than decrease, it must cease to exist all together, (a voice declaring: “America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty pieces)."
-So the question emerges, what do you do with millions of displaced Americans, Canadians, Brits? Before I began writing this letter and it all became so clear, yes I’d been on line investigating Mayan prophecies unto to Yellowstone Park, it’s not the first time I’ve suspected Yellowstone, because the cataclysmic disaster I witness happen ended America in a matter of minutes, so at this juncture, it’s no longer a suspicion it’s prophetically sound. So much so, it's possibly why in this fly over, when I saw America's complete devastation from the East Coast forward, the White house in flames, I really couldn't see the west coast, probably because it wasn't there anymore.
-MY niece arrived in my drive over a year ago, she has this African friend, this collegiate buddy now for fifteen years or more she’d been close to, well as those extending this relationship were they going to marry and she would now move to Africa to live.
-I was stun, with her family now thinking she’s moving to the most deadly part of the world, was she instead moving to the safest part of the world, away from Yellowstone Park. It began to remind me of these book characters and an end-time scenario, that was copied in some ways by the creators of the work, the movie 2012, I started the work in the mid-eighties, by the title Beast of Beauty, It would then spin off of its descendants Preece Ebonee Be’le, born 1996, little realizing it, would his graduating class be the graduating class of 2012.
-of course at this time I knew nothing about the Mayan prophecy regarding this year, Preece Ebonee was an African Born male, born in Kenya, raised in Ethiopia, one day becoming the most powerful man on the planet would he help supervise the greatest evacuation of mankind’s history. Sadly, the complete fall of westernize civilization would end the world as they’d known it with millions of people now migrating into what I design as New Africa Ethiopia. Yeah pretty much what Col. Gaddafi was working on before you guys finished him, a United States of Africa.
-Only as I created it, New Africa, this African Juttah, was God extending to marriage worshipers, young Jesus Christ worshipers a twenty year extension of Grace. Thus on the thrust of great tribulation migrating them into an Eden Paradise on earth, again, the African Juttah. So learning what this leader was at an attempt at doing you can imagine my shock, you guys not having a clue, trying to save America, trillions of dollars in debt doing so when the God of heaven had already finished her, the US, of America. So at the moment I realize this, this New US,of Africa, was being overthrown by the West, an African Born Male, by the name of Hussein was at that very moment, being America’s President, the most powerful man on the planet. Then here was America, the free world, by God’s pending judgment at her end, to happen 15.10 years beyond 2001, 2017.
-You got it Mr. President, on your watch, over three hundred million people in this country are about to be made either dead or seriously injured and homeless. Then this Iranian leader, allied with enough gold to make another planet, let alone a New Africa, with China allying was in the process of doing just that, again a UNITED STATES OF AFRICA, all indicative more or less to my based on end time prophecy 40 year old plus make believe work, I mean believe this Apostle /Prophet or not, America as a country have only a couple years left to evacuate, remembering your promise, how you’re a man for the people, what will you do?
-Will you in this end time scenario of America’s abrupt end play the role of Moses or the role of Hitler? I heard Ex. Governor Ventura just yesterday make a statement that his wife said, America is beginning to look like Germany. That’s odd, because a few nights passed doing a dream not only did I see in large bold print the two part word SIN-BAD, but I heard a voice declare: “Nazi Moms.” These realities are being unveiled to me, as they’re by this written letter being unveiled to you, this is why after they gave me the Intrepid dream timetable of 190 months, 15.10 years, I didn’t begin again to see or hear anymore about this time table.
-That’s with the exception of the Angel Gabriel appearing May 2004, citing "the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind," it was doing the American campaign, 2008/2009, was when I begin to note like this count down in my head. “Two more months,” and it would be two months before the election, then, “one more month,” and it would be one month before the election, and then after the election, and you being declared president, this voice the declaring, “two weeks and seven years,!” Little did I realize it, but Holy Spirits were confirming then how you would have a second administration, not as well realizing it, which would then end your administration around the same time of the Intrepid Dream Timetable, meaning they’re one in the same.
-I’d been in dreams for months about the people of the Middle East, of the world, calling and crying for a Hussein to reign, you President Hussein, Obama is the fulfillment of this ministry prophesying doing Bush wars on the axis of evil 2003, how a Hussein would one day father this nation. In the dream you tried convincing me you was a friend, but with all the political damage you’ve done your seen by many as a foe. Clearly, will you at this point go down in history as both the first African American President and the worse American President in its history, your fault is in you trying to save America instead of helping it evacuate, what will you do?
-I looked into this dream years passed, in the dream I was being awaken from sleep by an African male, he was bringing me for to see a strange thing, when I made it to the opening of the tent, when I looked out, what I saw was thousands upon thousands of American refugees pouring onto the African Island. I read how especially white Americans pouring into Africa could possibly mean a return to apartheid, regardless, I hope you will choose to save America, not as it’s reigning President, but as its exiting presidential leader, calling dad, informing him you’re coming home and your bringing millions of America’s refugees with you, how would that be?
-You may ask truly are these the choices you have? Moses or Hitler? Don’t be alarmed, there being no middle ground God is to accept beside Christ’s Cross, people make these choices every day, whether to obey God or man (Satan), whether you’re going to help people, or be their detriment. Although America is on her ICU of a death bed, and all you can see is this dwindling right before your eyes barely living corpse of a nation. That all you can hear is the beep, beep, beep humdrum of clever, machine like life preservers, (Religion), even pacifiers, (politicians) none of what I told you is going to make sense until God sever those cords and she is no more.
-I lost my husband Mack nearly three years ago, all while he was sick I refused to believe he would actually die. Of course I saw it, being this close to him, I could even spell it, slept every night with my praying hand on his speeding heartbeat, yet while he was taking his last breaths I was anointing his head with crosses yet pleading for his life, when in one breath I said and I quote “ye are ascended,” and immediately he gave up the ghost.
-He’d served his purpose, he’d finished his course, he’d been faithful over minor things, God would now make him ruler over greater things, enter ye into the joy of God. Plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church of the Martyred.” Remember, Return, REPENT!!! Beware, Apb, The RAM,

Apostle Patricia A. Bradford, Gilmore

The Holy Throne Of God
God The Father, Son And Holy Spirit
The Spirit and the Bride (Maaseiah), Say Come